Season: March to May

Wild garlic is a wonderful ingredient which grows in shady woodland across Britain. Later in the season, it produces pretty white flowers - which are also edible and look lovely on the plate. You’ll find tons of more info on wild garlic here.


  1. Wild garlic tastes most fiery when raw; cooking softens the flavour. We love to stuff leaves into our lunchtime sandwiches!

  2. Wild garlic makes a brilliant pesto. You could whizz up the leaves with walnuts, almonds and olive oil. Then add grated parmesan, salt and pepper and lemon juice to taste. For an all-British version, you can switch for rapeseed oil and a hard cheese such as cheddar.

  3. To preserve wild garlic, add it to a herb butter. Simply chop the leaves fine then mix with butter (left to soften first at room temperature), sea salt and lemon zest. This can be stored in the freezer, so you can chop off slices to use as and when you need.

  4. Stir the leaves through risottos or pasta dishes.

  5. Shred the leaves and stir through egg and potato dishes. Try in a Welsh rarebit or in a brilliant twist on bubble and squeak.

  6. Try wrapping whole leaves around a fillet of fish before cooking.