Here is the latest news of what's in season:

New season Dole Peaches and Nectarines are available most days if you can afford them.

New Season bags or boxes of Californian Walnuts and Boxed New Season Pre-Packed Cracking Nuts are now available.

Our 5kg and 10kg Carry Pack Potatoes are available every day and as usual the quality is fantastic.

Fresh Cranberry Packs, Spanish Satsumas, Spanish Leafy Clementine’s and Spanish Shoe Box Clementine’s are now available and we are stocking superb ‘Piper’ Comice and Conference Pears.

Pickling Onions and Pickling Vinegar are still available every day and of course Sprout Tops, Sprout Sticks packed x 10 and Brussel Sprouts which are now available in 4.5kg nets.

UK Russet, Cox, Royal Gala and Braeburn Apples are now available.

All Plums are now Italian Angelinos.

Peruvian and Mexican Asparagus is available every day.

Spanish Broccoli has now replaced the UK varieties.

UK Bunched Beet, Bunch Carrots, Mixed Carrots, Mixed Chantenay Carrots and Bunch Heritage Carrots are available daily. 

All Main Crop Potato varieties are available.

The Apple Season is on the change as we moved from Southern to Northern Hemisphere origins and the first of the UK New Season Russet, Cox, Royal Gala and Braeburn Apples are now available. Bramley Apples are new season and the price and quality are outstanding.

All Melons are now Brazilian and the quality is superb.

Baby leaf salads, Spinach and Baby Spinach, are now sourced from the Spain.

UK Parsnips, Carrots, Beetroot, Pre-Pac Green and Red Kale, Pre-Pac Black Cabbage are all very good.

Dutch and Belgium Strawberries are still available until the Egyptian, Kenyan and Spanish varieties start.

Kent Cauliflowers are very good quality, available every day. UK Romanesque Cauliflowers are available most days.

Spanish and French Salad including Iceberg, Little Gem, Cos, Lollo Rosso, Bionda and Oakleaf are all available daily.

Savoy, Bunch Beetroot, Bunch Carrots and Mixed Bunch Carrots are all available and the quality is superb. Other seasonal crops such as Black Cabbage, Red and Green Kale are available in our usual packs.

Runner Beans and Corn on the Cob are still available both Pre-packed.

The Grape Season is moving on with superb Brazilian and Italian varieties available every day.

Full colour Large Pomegranates are available every day.

Hilliards will as usual try our best to bring you the best quality produce available at the best prices with our weekly specials and promotions.