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Here is the latest news of what's in season: 24 April 2019

After the Easter Break we hopefully look forward to a long and warm summer and the extra trade from Spanish and French Stone Fruit and of course the English Strawberry fare.

Spanish Corn on the Cob has started along with early Spanish Peaches and Nectarines.

UK Strawberries have started to appear in very small quantities and hopefully available Monday to Friday.

UK Green or Red Asparagus started a full month earlier this year and is available most days. Also Peruvian White Asparagus is available in 500gr bundles. Don’t forget the Mexican Asparagus which is a much cheaper alternative and still superb quality.

Jersey Potatoes are available in the usual 10kg bags. Ware and Mid samples available most days. For a cheaper alternative try some Majorcan New Potatoes sold in 15kg bags or some Israeli Scraping Potatoes sold in 20kg bags.

UK Cucumbers are available every day.

Wild and Wet Garlic are available Monday to Friday.

UK Outdoor Rhubarb is available every day . See our new Product Info page for recipe ideas.

Sweet and juicy Spanish Nadorcotts are available every day for their long season.

Sicilian Blood Oranges are available daily.

New Season Cyprus Potatoes are available but the price is still high.

Don’t forget the Tunisian Ravia Dates and Californian Walnuts are still available daily and both are an ideal shelf filler.

Spanish Wrapped or Lidded 250gr and 500gr Strawberries are available daily and the quality is still superb.

Our 10kg Carry Pack Potatoes are now finished for the season.

Superb Blood Oranges, Spanish Naddorcotts are available and we are stocking superb Cape William and Packham Pears, Chilean Red Pears and Belgium Conference Pears.

UK Royal Gala and Braeburn Apples are still available every day.

UK Cox’s have now finished and we are stocking the superb New Zealand variety.

All Plums including Songold which are available now for their short season are South African or Chilean.

Peruvian and New Season Mexican Asparagus is available every day.

Spanish Broccoli is still good quality and we await the start of the UK season.

Bunched Beet, Bunch Carrots, Mixed Carrots and Mixed Chantenay Carrots are available daily. 

All Main Crop Potato varieties are available.

The Apple Season is on the change as we moved from Northern to Southern Hemisphere origins and UK Royal Gala and Braeburn Apples are available every day.

All Melons are still Brazilian and the quality is superb.

Baby leaf salads, Spinach and Baby Spinach, are now sourced from the Spain.

UK Parsnips, Carrots, Beetroot, Pre-Pac Green, Purple Sprouting Broccoli and Red Kale are all very good.

Kent or Brittany Cauliflowers are still very good quality, available every day. French or Spanish Romanesque Cauliflowers are available most days.

Spanish and French Salad including Iceberg, Little Gem, Cos, Lollo Rosso, Bionda and Oakleaf are all available daily.

Savoy, Tundra Cabbage, January King, Bunch Beetroot and Bunch Carrots are all available daily and the quality is superb. Other seasonal crops such as Red and Green Kale are available in our usual packs.

Runner Beans and Corn on the Cob are still available both Pre-packed.

The Grape Season is moving on with superb South African, Indian and Peruvian varieties available every day.

Full colour Large Pomegranates are available every day.

Hilliards will as usual try our best to bring you the best quality produce available at the best prices with our weekly specials and promotions.