Season: May to July

The gooseberry is highly underrated - a wonderful fruit which is very versatile in the kitchen. Many of the modern varieties are sweet to eat, with less of the lip-puckering sourness which put people off in the past. You may also find purple gooseberries, which are a rare treat!


  1. Make your own gooseberry ice cream or use the fruit in jams, fools, crumbles and compotes.

  2. Try cooking them with spices and flavours such as ginger, star anise, elderflower and rhubarb.

  3. Use gooseberries to make a simple sauce for oily fish such as mackerel. Melt a knob of butter in a small saucepan, taking care to make sure it does not brown or burn. Rinse the gooseberries and add them to the pan with a tablespoon of water. Cook until soft, mash the fruit then sweeten with sugar to taste. Spice this up however you fancy, for example with a little chopped ginger. You could also add a splash of double cream and sieve out the pips.